The Work

I oversee, edit, produce, write and direct audio content for media and entertainment clients, from global brands to community choirs.

Business not only needs to look attractive, it needs to sound impressive. Music is a language. It helps us feel something. Importantly, extraordinary audio also compels us to act. We respond when we are captivated, we respond when moved and my talent is to produce sound-rich, engaging music.

Here are a selection of some of my favorite projects.

Video Marketing

I was commissioned by Ridley Scott Films in London to compose the soundtrack for Tate Modern’s promo for the Giacometti Exhibition in 2017. I worked with closely with cinematographer, Milo Reid.


I cut my teeth composing music for 30-second television commercials. I was a jobbing composer for Jeff Wayne Music, London, (a proper old-school agency and one of best!) for 14-years. The Go Compare commercial was the most popular TV commercial in the UK in 2010. I arranged and produced the soundtrack with a 50-piece orchestra and 12 voice choir. My drug of choice is that wonderful moment when music and the moment fuse - here are some highlights.

My first commercial in the US was for Dairy Queen (yes, God has a sense of humor!) through HiFi Project in Los Angeles.


In 2017, I was commissioned by the British Museum, in London, as Audio Designer for a series of in-house training films animated by Bristol based Wonky Films.


I was lead arranger / composer / audio producer on Sony Playstation's War Of The Worlds under the guise of Max Mondo. PlayStation Pro published a review, giving the game a score of 91%! It looks proper vintage today - but the soundtrack still stands out. I got to work with composer Jeff Wayne, giving me access to the magnificent 1978 Abbey Road multi-track recordings. I arranged them to work to the PSOne animations within a techno soundscape - Oh, and the incredible voice of Richard Burton.

Event Music

I created a 60 minute soundtrack for the hugely successful Shaolin Monks Kung Fu Masters World Tour. The brief was to underscore the performances with themes based on the six elements of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Air and Ku! I was present in the early rehearsals and noted the tempo and rhythms of the routines and would return the next day with a audio scratch track, which were then developed to create the soundtrack for the live show. 

As arranger and musical supervisor for the Talk Zone at London's Millennium Dome (now the O2 concert venue) along with my then partner, Marina Venturini. I worked on this short film about the importance of dialogue using George Frederic Handel's Sarabande. The 45-piece orchestra was recorded at the famous Lansdowne Recording Studios in London.

Carnival Cruise Line 

As music director for Micha Bergese Productions, I worked on a series of large-scale shows for Carnival Cruises. Composing, arranging and producing the music and casting and training the performers gave me live production skills and I discovered my sea-legs during the thrilling installation of the works on three ships.


One of my client's is Fusion Media's who produce a roster of award winning podcasts. I send a Q+A form to the podcast team a asking them, amongst other things, who is their core audience? Gizmodo's answer was, "People who never owned a velvet painting of Elvis but wish they had." This was my theme:

LA Drag Queen, Tony Soto asked me to create the Jingle for his popular weekly podcast, The Gay Power Half Hour. I used samples from his and co-presenter, Casey Ley's, references and included the voice of Marsha P. Johnson.


This community choir project was funded by Arts Council England. It was my final project in London, a city I made my home for 28 years. I composed it to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the New River, constructed in 1613 to bring fresh water to London.  I worked with local people who lived along the course of the river in the North London borough of Haringey, raising awareness of this historical waterway and of water charity, WaterAid.


I wrote and produced Frank’s Closet, a celebration of queer culture and gay marriage, using heritage components of the British Music Hall, and staged it at Hoxton Hall, one of London's last living music halls. Arts Council England supported my process. It as was huge hit on London’s summer fringe and was produced again, by Kevin Wallace, in the winter.

A Love Supreme was the 11 O'clock number and 7 years after the show, cast member, Portia Emare Pudlow got married at Hoxton Hall and fellow cast member, Carl Mullaney sang the song, I love this version.

The musical Medium - chamber musical

The Musical Medium started out as my MA in Musical Theatre final show. It played a couple of nights at the King's Head, on the London Fringe. It was picked up by Robert McWhir, then the artistic director at the Landor Theatre in South London, where it ran for 2 weeks in June 2005.  This delightful chamber musical was inspired by real-life medium, Rosemary Brown, who lived locally. Listen on SoundCloud


When London hosted the 2012 Olympics, the show literally happened in my own back yard - then, East London. The Mask of Joy was a crowd-funded project, harnessing the talent that created Frank's Closet, mixing Handel with Hop Hop and Baroque with Burning Man, creating street theatre that thrilled audiences of all ages. 

Listen to a selection of songs from the Mask of Joy on Soundcloud, below:

Song writing

There are few things more thrilling than making music. I have been writing songs since Granny gave me the family piano, at six! Here are a selection:


Alexia and I were signed to MCA Records, London. Yes, at 23 I signed a record deal and publishing deal with Polygram Music - (later Universal Music Group). Working with accomplished London producers and engineers - we were a flop but what an amazing experience!


I started writing a musical set in London in 1952. It's one of those unfinished works....

the london i love

2012 was a great year to be living in London, with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Summer Olympics. This was my event song.


Portia Emare sings A Love Supreme from the music hall musical Frank's Closet,






Vintage trio, The Swinging Sweethearts asked me to write a theme song for them. We did it in a day!

The Dark Walk - Carl Mullaney

Another one of those unfinished musicals! I called upon West End actor, Carl Mullaney, to demo one of the songs.