Stuart is a complete joy to work with, he is proficient and has masterfully created the theme music for several of our existing podcasts. I highly recommend him!

— - Mandana Molfidi - Fusion Media, New York

A selection of clients.

I’ve worked with Stuart on two films so far and I hope to hire him to compose the music for every film I ever make. A brilliant composer and a pleasure to work with
— Paul C. Ryan, Vice Principal, European Film College
“I worked with Stuart on numerous projects from the day we were introduced. He approached the job with professionalism, musical sensibility and a full understanding of what was needed. I look forward to working with him again.”
— Birgit Roberts, Freelance Producer, Los Angeles
Stuart Wood first came to my attention as the creative talent behind the brilliant musical Frank’s Closet. His musical chops are extraordinary, so it was an honour to have him writing for, especially when he tackled topics such as theatre, opera, music and vintage Hollywood. As an expert in these fields, he writes both passionately and with great knowledge. When the Go Compare advert was voted the Most Annoying of 2009, it was a fantastic coup for the site to have the librettist responsible write a feature on how the campaign came together
— Stewart Who? Press Officer, London
Stuart is an extremely talented musician and composer who assimilates a given brief and delivers way beyond your imaginings
— Jo Richardson, Music Development Manager, ArtForms, Leeds
Stuart took a creative brief which had a delivery date of less than two weeks from me to deliver a production which would be our way of saying thank you to our 4,000 Games Makers at the Olympic and Paralympic Village.

To his credit within hours of taking the brief Stuart and his team had formulated some concepts for delivery and had put in place all the steps we would need to deliver an amazing production meeting our pre allocated budget costs and vision.
— Claire Camara, HR Director, UK
Stuart worked for Core Arts a Mental Health creative charity in London, he is a professional, experienced, creative music tutor who is excellent at his job. I highly recommend him for creative music work and I would have no hesitation to employ him again. He is trustworthy and well liked by all our clients and all his colleagues. He would be a great addition to any team
— Giuliana Molinari, Deputy Director at Core Arts, London
Stuart Wood is an artist of merit and is able to execute excellent quality artistic productions with creativity compassion and social and cultural resonance. Using heritage components together with music, he creates timeless musical theatre productions which resonate with audiences. Stuart Wood is definitely an artist to support.
— Hayley White, Creative, Capital and Change Consultant

"This tour was amazing! Stuart was so knowledgeable and passionate -- it really made the trip special! On previous visits to Hollywood I was never very impressed, but Stuart completely changed my attitude about the area! Thanks so much, this tour really was great!" - Joy Wilke

"Stuart was one of the best guide that we have had after having been to more than 20 free walking tours around the world. He shared a good mix of history, story, geography, odd facts, and humor that made the tour very entertaining. Thank you again!" - Johnathan Su